How to Buy a Laser Tag Home Set

Once you've experienced laser tag in an arena or rental situation, you'll want your own home equipment. Take note, moms and dads! Having your own laser tag set will provide your children hours of indoor or outdoor fun, physical exercise and boredom relief. Game enthusiasts can save money on arena fees and rented tagging units. Learn which laser tag equipment is right for your setting and level of play.

Experience several types of laser tag before buying, so you'll know which kind of equipment to buy. Try arena, outdoor or military simulation games at a local facility or with a friend's equipment.

Find out whether you prefer unstructured games, such as Elimination, or scripted games, such as Terminator or Capture the Flag.

Decide whether you'll play indoors or outdoors, at home or in a local park.

Estimate how many people will usually play. You may need just one set for two opponents, or you may be able to regularly gather two teams of four each or more.

Shop at toy stores, game stores or online for a variety of home laser tag sets.

Pick a solo set for casual, one-on-one battles. These affordable sets usually feature two tagger guns and two sensor packs, such as vest or headband style.

Buy a couple of solo sets and split the cost with a friend, in order to form small teams.

Shop for shocking laser tag sets for a more lively game or as a gift for kids or adults.

Buy the more professional-style outdoor sets for larger groups or more dedicated players. These have a longer firing range and more complex game formats.

Buy accessories, such as sighting scopes and holsters, for the more serious players.

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