How to Make a Garden Scarecrow

Farmers began building scarecrows to scare hungry birds from their fields. Today, you can make a scarecrow to keep those hungry pests out of the garden.

Pick a spot in the garden for the scarecrow. Think of the places in the garden where pests have eaten your crops. Choose the most central spot of the garden if you are unsure of where to place the scarecrow.

Select the base or pole for the scarecrow. Purchase a wooden stake or an iron shepherd's hook. If you don't want to buy a wooden stake, use an old tree stump or a small sapling for the garden scarecrow.

Gather old clothes and scarecrow material. Find a shirt and pants. Boots, scarf and a hat are optional but they make a great addition to the scarecrow.

Use an old torn blanket or a burlap sack for the scarecrow's head. You could also use a milk jug and cover it with material to make the scarecrow head too.

Stuff the scarecrow's body and head with straw, hay, newspapers or plastic grocery bags. Tie the ends with heavy weather proof twine. If you use hay, leave some hay sticking out of the sleeves and pant legs to get that typical scarecrow look.

Attach the scarecrow to the base and pole using nails, screws or hooks. You can also tie the garden scarecrow to the post using twine or nylon string.

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