How to landscape to hide an oil tank

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Most people want their property to look as beautiful as possible, but there are some things you just can't control -- like that ugly oil tank sitting behind the house, that you cannot stand looking at every day. It's something you cannot move or get rid, so landscaping is needed to hide the tank.

Plant a shrub. The foliage is dense and the leaves low to the ground, making it the perfect landscape plant to hide an oil tank. Check with your garden centre for varieties that grow in your area. Consider shrubs that are drought tolerant, since you are not likely to want to spend much time watering out by the tank. Evergreens can hide the oil tank even in winter.

Move some earth. If the property is large enough and is not too flat, you might be able to create small hills in the landscape that could effectively hide the tank. Make the landscape look natural by creating some gentle undulations that could take the eye away from the tank.

Lay in some grass. You'll find any number of varieties of tall and ornamental grasses that could effectively be used in your landscape to hide an oil tank.

Create a container garden. Several tiers of planters could be filled to create a beautiful landscape that also hides the oil tank. Planters also let you change the look from year to year by using different plants.

Consider outdoor sculpture. Commission an artist to design something that would turn the area around that unsightly oil tank into a place of artwork. Just make sure the tank is accessible.

Add a trellis. By installing a trellis as part of your landscape in the line of sight between the house and the tank, you can plant vines or roses that will soon cover the trellis and create a green wall that can hide your view of the oil tank yet still allow for access to it.

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