How to Groom a Labradoodle

The labradoodle, which is growing in popularity around the world, results from mixing a poodle with a labrador. Typically, labradoodles appear in three sizes, miniature, medium or standard, and three coat types, hair coated, fleece coated or wool coated. Their coats come in a wide variety of colors including off-white, caramel, cream, gold, red, black, silver blue, chocolate and more. Follow these steps to properly groom a labradoodle.

Devote little time to grooming a fleece coated labradoodle until her adult coat replaces her puppy coat, which occurs anywhere from eight to 14 months old. Then during the changeover, thoroughly brush her at least once a week with a natural bristle brush and mat comb.

Brush your wool-coated labradoodle once a month to keep shedding to a minimum and prevent matting. Use a natural bristle brush with wool coats.

Bathe a Labradoodle as infrequently as twice a year. They are naturally clean dogs, with coats that brush dirt out easily when dry. When you do bathe him, use a regular dog shampoo, which you should squeeze, rather than rub, through his coat. Rinse thoroughly, air dry and brush.

Trim a dog's nails every two to three weeks using dog nail clippers. Be sure to avoid cutting the quick, as it bleeds and is painful.

Shave hair around her ears and carefully pluck hair in her ear canal using blunt tweezers every two to three months to prevent ear infections and increase air flow.

Trim hair around a labradoodle's eyes and muzzle, particularly around his mouth and chin, as needed. Use a #10 blade.

Give a lLabradoodle raw, meaty bones to keep her teeth tartar free and shiny.

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