How to treat a broken nose

Treat a Broken Nose

A ball comes out of nowhere and hits your child in the face. You know from the crying that it's painful, but is it broken? If it is, how can you fix a broken nose? You can't put a cast on it like an arm or a leg. Follow these tips to treat a broken nose.

Check for obstructed breathing. See a doctor right away if the person has breathing difficulties.

Keep the patient's head up.

Go to the emergency room or clinic. See a doctor. It's hard to tell if the person's nose is actually broken because of the swelling. The doctor may want to x-ray it to see if there are any other facial injuries. If just the nose was hit, you may not need to get it x-rayed.

Expect the person to be in shock for about 20 minutes after the injury. The shock can cause fainting and vomiting. Not everyone will go into shock, but shock can occur in some people because of the sudden impact and pain of the injury.

Keep ice on the nose to stop swelling. It may be able to heal on its own if the break is clean. Expect two black eyes and a possible nosebleed.

Take pain medication, if needed. Ask your doctor which pain medication is recommended. Some should not be taken immediately after breaking a nose.

See a doctor if the person's nose is crooked. They may need it straightened so that it heals properly. A bad break will require further treatment and, maybe, even surgery.

Check with a doctor if you suspect complications, such as infection.

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