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How to Turn a DVD Player Into a Karaoke Machine

You can turn your DVD player into a karaoke machine by using a karaoke mixer. Using a mixer will allow you to sing karaoke and read the lyrics off of the TV screen or monitor to which your DVD player is connected.

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  1. Choose a basic home model karaoke mixer to turn your DVD player into an inexpensive karaoke machine. Basic models typically allow you to plug in about four microphones. They also let you add echo effects to your karaoke performances.

  2. Opt for a high-end professional karaoke AV (audio visual) mixer to turn your DVD player into a top-notch karaoke machine. Top of the line models have voice cancellation controls, which let you aid your singing in weak areas.

  3. Consider karaoke mixers that have remote controls included, so you can run your karaoke sing off from across the room. Typically, mid to top range karaoke mixer models come with a remote control.

  4. Pick a karaoke mixer with multiple video output jacks. This will allow you to hook up multiple monitors to display your lyrics.

  5. Insert the RCA cables into both the left and right audio input jacks on the karaoke mixer. Plug the other end on the RCA cables into the left and right audio output slots on your DVD player. RCA cables are included with the karaoke mixer.

  6. Connect the next set of RCA cables to the left and right audio output jacks at the back of the karaoke mixer. Plug the other end of the RCA cable into the audio input jacks on your television set.

  7. Plug your microphones into the microphone jacks on the karaoke mixer.

  8. Tip

    Consider buying an extra microphone or two so that you can perform karaoke duets with your friends. Think about buying a sound amplifier if your home speakers are not very loud. Amplifiers can be easily connected to your karaoke mixer. Look for karaoke mixers that allow you to adjust the volume of each microphone individually. This comes in handy when one part of a duet or group sings more loudly than the others.


    Always check to be sure that the voltage selector is set to the correct voltage for your home. Using the wrong voltage can damage both your karaoke mixer and your DVD player.

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Things You'll Need

  • Karaoke mixer
  • Karaoke CDs
  • DVD player

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