How to Listen to Sirius Radio Online

Sirius satellite radio offers most of its channels in a streaming digital format. The Internet stream can be very convenient, especially when you want to listen to music at work, but lack an MP3 player or dedicated Sirius unit. This stream can also be used on a personal computer at home.

There are a few different ways to listen to Sirius radio online.

Use your Sirius satellite radio subscription to listen to a low-quality stream online for free. You can access all 80-plus channels of Sirius radio online in a 32-Kbps stream as long as you have a monthly radio subscription.

Try a free trial of Sirius online. The company almost always allows users to sign up for 3 days of high-quality, total-access radio streaming.

Upgrade your Sirius satellite radio package to include 128-Kbps streaming for only a few more dollars each month. Sirius says that its 128 stream is compressed differently than other Internet radio stations and delivers CD-quality sound on its music stations.

Sign up for an online-only package to listen to the high-quality Sirius radio stream. You don't need to buy a new radio to use the Internet stream. This service requires only a computer and Internet connection and costs about half of what you'd pay per month to use the satellite service.

Save your favorite stations in the online media player. Sirius radio online tracks your favorite stations by saving them on the network, so you'll be able to access your presets from any computer.

Start listening by logging in to the Sirius player online (see Resources below).