How to Add Contacts to Your iPhone

Adding contacts to your iPhone makes calling simple. You can add your friends' and family's addresses and phone numbers, as well as a corresponding picture for each person. You can even assign a specific ringtone to the contact.

Add a contacts list to your iPhone either by syncing with your computer's data or typing entries right into your device.

Insert the USB cable into your iPhone and computer.

Open the iTunes application. It may open automatically when a connection is established. iTunes is the program that manages the data transfer between your computer and iPhone.

Confirm that "Contacts" is checked off in the summary pane that appears on your computer screen. This ensures that contact information will be loaded into your iPhone.

Be sure you are using an address program that is compatible with syncing to the iPhone. A listing of current programs that can transfer the information is included with the iPhone user guide.

Click the "Apply" button on your computer to begin the syncing process. When the transfer is complete, a message will appear on the iTunes screen to let you know it has finished.

Disconnect the USB cord from your iPhone and computer.

Touch the "Phone" button on your iPhone to access the telephone features.

Select the "Contacts" button. It looks like a silhouette of a person.

Touch the "+" button to type in the your contact's information, including name, phone numbers, email and physical addresses. The keypad may be used to enter telephone numbers.

Edit your contact information if you have made a mistake. Go to "Contacts," and then "Edit" to make changes.

Select "Contacts" and click on the contact whose photo you want to add.

Choose "Edit" and "Add photo."

Find the photo you want to use, or simply take a photo with the camera function of the iPhone.

Manipulate the picture with your fingers until it is the size and orientation you prefer.

Click on "Set photo" to permanently attach the photo to the contact you have selected.