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How to Arrange Mausoleum Internment

Mausoleum internment was once exclusively for the wealthy and famous. Today, this type of above-ground burial is well within the reach of families looking for this type of mausoleum crypt or cremation burial for a loved one. Here is how to arrange for a mausoleum internment.

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  1. Pre-plan your funeral arrangements. It's the best way to make certain your wishes will be carried out exactly as you want.

  2. Call several funeral homes to arrange an appointment time to discuss pre-planned funeral arrangements and discuss your desire for mausoleum internment. Ask if there is a charge for simply sitting down to make the arrangements. If there is a charge, ask how much it is and when the payment will be due.

  3. Take notes and ask questions and consider asking permission to tape record the meeting to share with other family members.

  4. Read over all contracts carefully before signing anything. Get an explanation of anything you have questions about and aren't sure of. Be certain everything is written in plain language that you understand. Have a trusted person look over all paperwork with you before signing.

  5. Make certain everything promised orally is put into writing and attached to the contract. Also, make sure your right to change your mind and cancel within 3 days is also written in the contract.

  6. Eliminate all doubts and verify exactly what is covered. Make sure you mausoleum internment wishes are exactly as you want them to be.

  7. Understand fully the payment that is expected and do not agree to make payment until you know the rate of interest and how much the total payment will be. Be sure it is written in the contract.

  8. Give copies of any contract or insurance policy and anything that you signed to all immediate family members and make sure they know your burial wishes for mausoleum internment.

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