How to stop leg and foot cramps

Stop Leg and Foot Cramps

It wakes you up in the middle of the night, a painful foot cramp that curls your toes under or splays them out awkwardly. Any attempt to wiggle your toes or work out the cramp only makes it worse. Occasionally the cramp also invades the sides or calf of the leg. The following steps, taken individually or together, can help alleviate the cramps and let you go back to sleep.

Use IcyHot. This pain relieving cream works quickly to alleviate leg and foot cramps. The cream is available in a flip-top tube, making it easy to apply in the dark. It's also now available in a gel. Squeeze out a small amount of the cream and massage it into the affected area.

IcyHot is also available in patches of various sizes that can be applied to the cramped areas for quick relief. People who are prone to foot and leg cramps might want to keep a tube of IcyHot on the bedside table.

Tonic water: Drink a gin and tonic without the gin. Tonic water (quinine water) works quickly to alleviate foot and leg cramps. Keep a bottle in the refrigerator and drink a glassful when cramps strike.

Walk on the cold side: walk barefoot on a cold hard surface such as tile or concrete.

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