How to Market a Private Ambulance

Starting a private ambulance company involves getting vehicles, equipment and trained staff. Once a private ambulance company is licensed to operate they need to market services. Many communities have ambulance companies funded through the city. But there are opportunities for private ambulance companies.

A city may sign a contract with a private ambulance company to provide service or act as a backup if city ambulances are busy. Private ambulances can also be marketed using the steps below.

Write a press release about the start of your company. The press release can be sent to local media and newspapers. It should also be sent to a business journal in the area of service.

Contact directors of local nursing homes, assisted living facilities and rehabilitation centers. Many times residents of these facilities will need to be transported to the hospital for non life-threatening reasons. Instead of calling 911 the nursing home may contact a private company.

Set up a meeting with administrators at local hospitals to inform them about your company. Hospitals sometimes need to do inter-facility transports throughout hospital grounds. A patient will be taken from building to another by ambulance. They also need to transport residents back to nursing homes and rehabilitation centers.

Attend local health fairs. Many communities have heath fairs with various vendors who provide health services. This is the chance to market to the general public who may need a transport to the hospital.

Join any local organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce. Any organizations which help you network are a good idea. You get to know people in the community you are serving. Communities have events that need ambulances on standby such as, festivals, car races and concerts.

Call stadiums in your area. Stadium managers need ambulances on standby for sporting events and other events that take place at the stadium. Set up a meeting to talk about a contract to provide that service.

Become a member of the American Ambulance Association. They can provide you with resources and tips. This professional organization will also help instill confidence in organizations you will be marketing services to.