How to Make a Ronald McDonald Costume

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By appearing in most commercials for his restaurant chain, Ronald McDonald has become a favorite character for many kids, perhaps surpassing Bozo and Krusty as the most famous clown in the world. Many would love to dress as Ronald for Halloween or other costume parties.

While you can find complete Ronald McDonald costumes available at costume stores, you can create your own homemade costume.

Start with a bright yellow jumpsuit. Make it a couple of sizes too big. Remove the sleeves.

Add a set of long underwear with red and white horizontal stripes. You can just wear the jumpsuit over the under wear. Or remove the sleeves and cuffs and attach them to the jumpsuit's sleeves and cuffs.

Add the accessories to the jumpsuit. Put a white square with the Golden Arches on the left breast, the right lower torso and the left pant leg. Add a red zipper down the middle and a large white collar.

Add large red clown shoes and white gloves. Remember that the shoes will be much bigger than normal shoes. You may need to get used to walking in them.

Get red, white and black stage makeup. Paint your whole face white and add red around the mouth. Darken your eyebrows and eyelids with black.

Add a bright red curly wig. Attaching the wig to a red cap may help it stay on better.