How to Throw an After-Prom Party

Prom is an event anticipated by seniors from the start of school in August. It represents the pinnacle of a student's high school experience and the after-prom party should duly reflect this tradition.

Whether your school doesn't hold an after-prom party or you just want to offer an exciting alternative, use these tips to make it a night to remember.

Decide where to hold your party. If your house is large enough then it may be an appropriate venue; otherwise, consider reserving a conference room at a hotel or renting out the local recreational center or the activities hall of a nearby church.

Find adults to supervise your shindig. Establish a start and end time for the party and set guidelines about leaving and reentering the party, especially if you're concerned that drinking and driving might be an issue.

Choose the kind of food you will be serving. If you're making the food yourself then plan some snacks that will be easy to make a lot of. You can also hire a caterer or try to get the food donated. Make sure to have lots of soda and energy-filled snacks on hand (candy, anyone?) to keep everyone going through the night.

Make arrangements for music. If some of your fellow classmates are in a band, or if you know a great local band, consider asking them to perform. Otherwise you can either hire a DJ or rent a sound system. Plan a list of musical favorites to rock out to.

Establish what the entertainment will be. Whether you have gambling tables or arcade-type games, you will need to have activities set up to keep your guests entertained. If possible, set up different stations of activities so that guests can move from one to the next.

Decorate the venue using decorations that reflect your prom's theme, or come up with a theme of your own. "A Night in Monte Carlo" or "Flashback to the 80s" are potential party themes. Blow up some pictures of your friends or of various school activities and hang them around the room.

Buy door prizes and have drawings throughout the party to determine who will go home with them. Or better yet, get local businesses to donate door prizes. Have prizes on hand for winners of the various activities as well.

Invite your guests by handing out personal invitations or, if it's a large bash, by giving out flyers at school and posting them on school bulletin boards. Hang posters and send emails to entice fellow students to come.