How to Get Civilian Jobs With the Military

Civilian jobs with the military have played a major support role since 1776 when the Board of War and Ordnance was established. This group of five members of the Continental Congress, a secretary and some clerks had the responsibility of maintaining personnel records, keeping record of equipment (including arms and ammunition), equipping the troops and disbursing funds. Today, there are thousands of civilian jobs available with the military.

Get compensated for your time and skills. Working as a civilian in the Army comes with a comprehensive benefits package that includes life and health insurance, paid holidays, vacation and sick time, employment training, bonuses and competitive salaries. In addition, some positions offer tuition reimbursement.

Create and submit a resume through the Army's Civilian Personnel Online website that highlights your skills to perform the required tasks in the job of your choosing (see Resources below).

Apply for student employment programs by contacting a Civilian Personnel Advisory Center near any military installation. Your school guidance counselor is an excellent resource for career planning as a civilian in the military.

File an application for a civilian job with the military through Army Employment or the Op.m. USAJOBS website if you are a veteran (see Resources below). As a veteran, you may be eligible to put your military training to use in a position as a civilian.

Access civilian employment opportunities in a variety of settings through the Department of Defense's Civilian Personnel Management Service website (see Resources below). The Recruitment Assistance Division is utilized by the Air Force.

Apply through your local military installation to get a civilian job. Go to the Human Resources Department and ask for an application. You will likely be required to fulfill testing to determine your qualifications before your application process is complete.

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