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How to Buy Reindeer

Looking to do something different for next Christmas? Do you have plenty of space on your property and time for another critter? Buying your very own reindeer could be the answer. Here's how to get your very own Santa's helper.

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  1. Contact the Reindeer Owners and Breeders Association, or ROBA. They can let you know what to expect when raising a reindeer and tell you about breeders who have reindeer available for sale.

  2. Email or phone the breeders you are interested in to find out about the reindeer calves they have for sale.

  3. Decide how soon you want to take possession of your reindeer. Some breeders will allow you to take the babies at a young age if you are willing to do the bottle feeding yourself, while others prefer to wait until the calf has weaned from his or her mother.

  4. Find out from the breeder what you will need to successfully raise your calf to an adult reindeer. He or she will be able to recommend dimensions for a reindeer pen, optimum diets to feed your growing calf and how to protect your new pet from chronic wasting disease.

  5. Take possession of your reindeer calf and plan for Christmas celebrations featuring your new friend!

  6. Tip

    Reindeer in the wild are better known as caribou. Reindeer calves are usually born in May.


    Reindeer may be relatively small when they are born (anywhere from 8 to 14 lbs.), but they grow rapidly. A full grown male can weigh 660 lbs. Chronic wasting disease afflicts deer and elk and is similar to mad cow disease. There have been no verified cases of transmission to humans, cows or other domestic animals.

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Things You'll Need

  • Reindeer Owners and Breeders Association website
  • Money to buy a reindeer and maintain his or her growth and health
  • Enough land to raise a reindeer

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