How to Relieve Motorcycle Throttle Hand Pain

Motorcycle riding is an exciting sport. Unfortunately, hand pain from gripping the throttle can make it less enjoyable. Discomfort can range from a slight tingling to painful, throbbing cramps. You can use several techniques to reduce or eliminate these problems, and to keep them from causing permanent damage.

Stretch those muscles! Stretch your fingers and wrists. Clench and unclench your hands. Do it often, especially before riding your motorcycle.

Knead and massage your hands to alleviate pain. Start with your wrist and work all the way to your fingertips. For optimum effectiveness, massage both hands.

Wring your hands when they are sore. Hold them loosely at your sides and shake vigorously.

Relax your hands when riding and hold the grips as loosely as you can. Many riders tense up and squeeze much harder than necessary.

Try not to lean against your handlebars. The pressure adds extra tension in your hands and wrists. Tension creates soreness.

Wear padded gloves, such as fingerless, foam, weightlifting or cycling. They help absorb vibration and reduce the shock to your hands. Wear them alone or on top of standard riding gloves.

Change to softer handle grips, or put extra padding on your existing grips. Even a small amount can lessen discomfort.

Buy throttle control paddles. These simple additions allow the palm of your hand to maintain control while your fingers rest. They are inexpensive and comfortable, too!

Add risers to your handlebars. Higher bars mean less pressure on your wrists--a chief cause of hand and wrist soreness.

Consider the ****ion for serious motorcycle enthusiasts, purchasing a cruise control system is the way to go. It is an investment in your hobby, and worth every penny for the pain relief it can provide.

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