How to Train a Pet Fox

Once you have brought your pet fox home, it is time to train him. Most pet foxes are fennecs, a breed that is very playful and social. Fennec foxes are much like dogs, in many ways. They are capable of learning some basic rules and games.

Fill a cat litter box with about 3 inches of cat litter.

Place the litter box in a location that will be easy for your fox to access.

Show your pet the litter box and let him explore. Foxes have keen senses of smell so she will pick up the scent quickly.

Take your fox to the litter box on a regular basis as you begin to train him. This could be as often as every hour.

Return your pet fox to the litter box if she has an accident. Showing the fox the appropriate place to go as soon as you discover the accident will help her remember the correct place to go.

Read a dog training book for basic techniques such as teaching to walk on a leash, sit and play ball or fetch. "101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog" by Kyra Sundance is available at Amazon (see Resources below).

Put a collar on your fox and let him get used to it before starting to train on a leash. Make sure the collar is snug so he cannot wiggle out of it.

Clip a leash on your pet and walk with her. Use the suggestions regarding heeling and pulling from the dog-training book as you work with the fox.

Play ball with your fox. Teach your fox to retrieve the ball after you throw it. Fennecs like to play and this is a very good way to bond with your pet.

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