How to make a back garden grass tennis court

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Tennis is professionally played on three surfaces -- asphalt, clay or grass. While playing on asphalt is easily accomplished by going to your local sports and leisure centre, playing on grass is rarer for the casual player. But, with a little effort, you can make your very own grass tennis court right in your back garden.

Find a location that is as flat as possible. A standard tennis court is 23.77 metres (78 feet) long and 10.97 metres (36 feet) wide. If you don't quite have the width, reduce the width to 8.22 metres (27 feet). That is the size of just a singles court. Measure this space with your tape measure.

Remove all obstructions, such as rocks, stumps or other debris. This may seem like a somewhat tedious step, but without flatly packed soil, your grass tennis court won't be too impressive.

Overturn your soil. Taking a shovel, remove your current grass. Once you've removed the layer of grass, continue turning the soil so that fresh dirt is exposed.

Take out rocks. This overturning process may have turned over rocks and obstructions again. Take a moment, rake your playing area and remove any other obstructions.

Hire a rammer or roller. Use them to tightly pack the soil in your playing area. This will give the hard surface you need underneath the grass.

Spread grass seed over your playing area. Water according to instructions and let the grass begin to grow.

Mark your court. After the grass has grown to 19 mm (3/4 inch) it is ready for play. Mark your playing surface with spray paint dots. Mark the outside perimeter of the court, which should be fairly easy since that is the exact area that you've added new grass. After you've done that, move to the inside lines. Draw a centre line at 11.88 metres (39 feet). This is the divider over which the net will eventually be placed. Then, on either side of the net, mark out 6.4 metres (21 feet). This will serve as the boundary for the service court lines. Finally make a mark in the middle of the width of your court inside the service court lines. This will eventually divide the service court into left and right. Consult a court diagram if you need help.

Paint your lines. Using spray paint -- or lime substitute if you don't wish the markings to be permanent -- make the lines using the chalk marks as your guide. In a few short minutes, your tennis court should really start to take shape.

Buy a net from a sport shop or online supplier.

Install the net. Net installation will vary by brand. To keep it sturdy, dig a hole wide and deep enough for the pole on either side of your court. Mix cement in your wheel barrow. Place the pole in the whole and cover with cement. Let the pole rest for two days, and then attach the net. Again each net will have slightly different installation instructions, but this is a common method.

Relax and enjoy. Now you can have a tennis party and have your friends over to play any time you want to.

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