How to Become a Certified Spinning Instructor

The Spinning program was developed, and its equipment patented in the 1990s. It involves indoor cycling and training, specialising in a high-intensity, high-calorie burning and low-impact workout. Being a Spinning instructor can be a rewarding and challenging career or part-time job. If you like to motivate and encourage people, are interested in health and exercise and have an upbeat personality, this may be just the educational path for you.

Learn about the Spinning program by taking classes in your area. You can find local classes at the Spinning program website. You will also be able to learn more about the program by speaking to a certified instructor and veteran classmates.

Find a Spinning Instructor Orientation Class in your area. A listing of the orientation classes is available at the Spinning program website. You will be able to register and pay for the class online. During the one-day orientation class, you will ride with a Spinning master instructor twice and receive the tips you need to lead your own class.

Obtain additional experience and study for your exam. You will gain much of the needed knowledge from your orientation class, but you will need to further study the manual you were given in class and gain additional experience until you are ready to take your assessment exam. Once you feel prepared, you can log onto the website and take your exam.

Maintain your certification by taking continuing education. Your will be required to earn 14 STAR points of continuing education within two years of completing your orientation class. STAR points are awarded for taking Spinning news quizzes, online and home study courses, and attending Spinning workshops and classes. STAR points earned can be tracked on the Spinning program website.

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