How to write a press release for a company launch

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A well-written press release is an inexpensive yet effective way to gain media attention. The launch of a new company is a well-established reason to issue a press release. Follow these simple steps to write a company launch press release.

Write "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:" at the top of the page.

Provide contact information, separating each item onto its own line: The name of the person the media should contact with questions; your company's name, phone and fax numbers; the media contact's email address; and the URL of your company's website.

Write the headline: (CEO's name or President's name) Launches COMPANY NAME.

Write a subhead describing what the new company will do, such as: COMPANY NAME to Provide (product or service) to (description of customers).

Answer the "Five W" questions (who, what, where, when and why) in the opening paragraph, using this structure: City, State, Date-(CEO or President) today announced the launch of COMPANY NAME. COMPANY NAME will provide (products or services) to (description of customers).

Write a quote from your company's CEO or President stating that your new company was created to meet the needs of a specific customer group, and explaining why your company's product or service will be superior to those of competitors.

In a new paragraph, provide more details about your company, its products and the customers it will serve. Provide additional details about your company's competitive advantage.

Write a quote from a new customer stating that they are already benefiting from your products or services; or from an industry expert stating that there is strong market demand for your company.

In the final paragraph, recap the new company's products or services and competitive advantage. If appropriate, give the price of your company's products or services and where they can be obtained.

Write "For additional information, contact:", then provide the same contact information in step two.

Finish with a standardized description of your company and its history; this is referred to as "boilerplate" information.

To indicate that the press release is finished, leave an empty line and then center three pound signs on the page: # # #

Carefully proofread the release to eliminate errors in fact and typography.

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