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How to reschedule a job interview

Updated February 21, 2017

You've finally gotten the call and the interview date is all set. You've picked out your best clothes, shined your shoes and printed out a fresh resume--you're ready to go. Accidents and emergencies do happen, however, and it is important to follow proper etiquette when you need to reschedule a job interview.

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  1. Make other appointments for times that are not on your interview day. Don't make a hair or nail appointment hours before an interview. Avoid being late by keeping the day free of other commitments.

  2. Have backup plans. Arrange for childcare but also ask a second person to be available in case of emergency. Have someone to call if you have car trouble and you need a ride.

  3. Plan on being early. Be sure you know how to get to the location and budget enough time to arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to the job interview, even if traffic is heavy.

  4. Reschedule a job interview rather than arrive late or show up ill. Avoid showing up to a job interview when you are not 100 percent for any reason.

  5. Call as soon as you know you will need to reschedule. Calling the same day or even the day before is inconsiderate if earlier notice was possible.

  6. Speak directly to the person you are scheduled to meet rather than leaving a message. Don't risk a message not being delivered, which could result in people waiting for you to show up.

  7. Be polite and apologetic. Explain the reason you are rescheduling. More often than not, an interviewer will understand and will be open to rescheduling your appointment.

  8. Work with the interviewer to establish a date as soon as possible. Do your best to be available for the date closest to your original interview to keep the interviewer from having to prolong the process.

  9. Send an email or call to confirm before the next interview time. Confirming your rescheduled interview can help diminish questions about your reliability.

  10. Acknowledge the interviewer's willingness to accommodate your schedule at your rescheduled interview. Be sure to apologize for the inconvenience and do your best to make up for the fact that your first impression was not ideal.

  11. Tip

    If you aren't sure what to say when you reschedule your interview, look up an online job search Web site such as Monster (see Resources below). These sites are chock full of helpful tips and information, including advice on how to reschedule an interview gracefully. Do a simple Internet search to locate contact information if you do not have email addresses or phone numbers to confirm your rescheduled interview.


    Be aware that asking an employer to reschedule a job interview because of childcare issues, religious observances or family commitments supplies information that employers can't legally ask.

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