How to Keep Badgers Out of a Garden

Badgers dig: it's what they do. When they've decided to call your garden home, they can become a problem. Here are some ways to encourage them to move along to friendlier pastures.

Keep pet food and water bowls indoors. Badgers are opportunists and will grab a free meal if available.

Use hardware cloth (heavy wire grid) to cover small garden areas to prevent digging. Plants will grow through the grid, but the badgers can not dig through it.

Allow turf grass to grow long. Badgers search for worms and a short lawn means easy pickings.

Protect your garden with high walls or strong wire fences. Badgers can climb so the walls must be smooth. Concrete or brick works well. Wire fences should be high to discourage climbing.

Use electric fencing around your garden. Keep the fencing low to the ground. This method may not work if tunnels are already established.

Frighten badgers away with scare crows, portable radios, motion detection lighting or sprinklers. Badgers are cautious animals and can be deterred by unusual changes to their surroundings. Even something as simple as a wind-chime can help.

Secure trash can lids with bungee cords and wrap smelly food scraps in plastic. Remember that a badger will be able to overturn a bin if it can get a paw or its nose underneath it.

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