How to calibrate a Wacom tablet

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Wacom tablets are widely used by graphic artists and other professionals to draw with the hand using a pen and tablet while the image produced becomes instantly visible on a computer screen. The tablets typically connect to the computer via a USB cable.

You need to calibrate the tablet so that the Wacom pen's marks will correspond exactly with what is reproduced on the screen. An uncalibrated tablet and pen can lead to discrepancies between what you draw and where it appears on the computer screen.

Switch on your Wacom tablet and use the pen on the tablet to hover over the bottom left-hand corner of your Windows 8 screen. Click the "Start" option to launch the tiled Start screen. Click the Wacom app tile, and then choose "Wacom tablet properties."

Choose "Grip pen" from the Tools menu. Click the "Calibrate" tab, then select "Calibrate" to start the calibration process. The calibration screen opens.

Sit in your normal working position, with your eye lined up to the computer screen as it would be when using the drawing tablet. You'll see four sets of crosshairs, one on each corner of the screen.

Use the pen on the tablet to click right in the middle of the crosshairs in the top left-hand corner. Repeat this action for each set of crosshairs in this order: top right-hand corner; bottom left-hand corner; and bottom right-hand corner.

Check the accuracy of the calibration by drawing on different parts of the tablet and looking at the computer screen. If you're not satisfied with the results, repeat the calibration procedure.