How to become a hospitality training teacher

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Everybody enjoys receiving good hospitality, but providing a high quality service is a skill and one that most people need to be taught. The leisure industry depends on employees providing customers with an enjoyable experience when they are visiting their establishments. The constant demand within the leisure industry for good quality staff creates a need for good teachers to train them.

Decide which part of the hospitality industry for which you want to train people. There are different teaching organisations you can apply to for your training that concentrate on different areas. There are also a range of schools and training establishments that specialise in various parts of the leisure and hospitality industries. Research possible avenues where you can use your qualifications once you move on to teaching. Some hotels employ teachers to train their staff, or some colleges specialise in hotel and tourism management training. This means teaching in a very focused way on the particular skills needed within that branch of the industry. Other colleges require more general skills.

Discover the correct way to become certified as an instructor in your chosen speciality. There are different ways of doing this, depending on the teaching organisation you will be working for. Some require a formal teaching qualification. At schools, a teaching post will require a suitable degree, such as food technology or management studies. Other training schemes may give more weight to your experience and attitude towards teaching. If you are relying on your experience to get you a job, most training colleges will require this to have been gained in a four-star establishment or higher.

Keep up with the latest developments in the industry. Keep educating yourself to stay ahead of your students and ensure that your teaching is keeping them up-to-date with the latest trends within their chosen fields. Demonstrating this commitment will help you during your training.

Determine what your teaching style will be. You should make full use of modern teaching aids -- there is a range of DVDs, CD-Roms and online resources to help you with courses. However, since the hospitality industry is all about interaction with clients and customers, role play, class discussion and peer group critiques are are all valuable methods of training. These techniques will begin to familiarise students with the need for this successful interaction with other people in potentially stressful situations. Once you know the style you intend to adopt, you can ensure that the training you choose is focused on these techniques.

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