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How to build a Hollywood style mirror with lights

Every gal should have their own Hollywood mirror with sparkling lights, not only will it add a little glamour to your boudoir but provide far better light when applying your make-up. It can be an inexpensive and simple process to build, using a few supplies from your local hardware shop. Professional stylists have been using mirrors with lighting for good reason for many years, you too can now have your own make-up mirror to bring a little Hollywood style to your bedroom.

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  1. Paint two coats of primer on the front and sides of the MDF board and allow paint to dry fully between coats.

  2. Apply two coats of you chosen paint colour to the front and sides of your primed MDF board again allowing paint to dry fully between coats.

  3. Place the mirror on the painted board, make sure the mirror is located on the bottom edge of the painted side and there is a 100 mm border around the other 3 sides then lightly mark round the mirror with a pencil. Set mirror aside until later.

  4. Lay your board flat and place the bulb holders equally around the 100 mm border ensuring they are central and mark with a pencil.

  5. Drill a 12 mm hole in the middle of each of the bulb holder marks on your board.

  6. Take the lighting cable and starting from the back at the bottom hole, put one end of the cable through the hole allowing approximately 100mm of cable to come through to the face of the board. Without cutting the cable make a loop at every subsequent hole and push this loop through the hole allowing approximately 100 mm off looped cable through each hole. Continue until you come to the last hole in the board where you will put a final loop. The remaining length of cable will be the power cable to reach a plug outlet. Secure the cable in place on the back of the board using the correct cable clips.

  7. Using the wire cutters snip each loop so there are 2 equal length cable ends and strip back the ends to give 10 mm of bare wire on each cable. Connect the bulb holders as per the manufacturer’s instructions ensuring the 2 blue wires and the 2 brown wires go together each time in the bulb holders. Repeat for each bulb holder then secure the bulb holders to the back board ensuring the wires are not trapped when securing the holder.

  8. Wire a 3 pin plug to the end of the cable and downgrade the fuse in the plug from 13 amp to 5 amp.

  9. Using a grab board adhesive attach the lightweight mirror into position on the back board and allow to dry thoroughly.

  10. Screw your bulbs into the bulb holders and plug your cable into a socket and switch on. Your mirror will now be fully lit.

  11. Tip

    For a quick effective alternative with no wiring required replace the bulb holders with self adhesive battery powered LED lights.

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Things You'll Need

  • 600 mm square sheet of 18 mm MDF board
  • Primer
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • 400 x 500 mm lightweight mirror
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Wire cutters
  • Cable clips
  • 8 screw cap bulb holders
  • 5 metres, 1.5 mm twin core lighting cable
  • 8 screw cap light bulbs
  • 3 pin plug
  • 5 amp fuse

About the Author

Jenny Roberts has been working as a ghost writer since early 2011. She has published numerous articles on health, fitness and diet, travel and a variety of other subjects. She is a qualified accountant and teacher.

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