How to connect a printer using Bluetooth

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Connecting your computer to a wireless printer is a useful way to print without the inconvenience of draping a tangle of cables across your office, bedroom or living room floor. Some printers come with a Wi-Fi wireless network adapter while others may offer Bluetooth wireless connection cababilities instead. Connect your computer to a Bluetooth printer with the "Add Bluetooth device" feature in Microsoft Windows.

Switch on the Bluetooth printer and wait a few seconds for all the indicators on the front console to light up.

Insert the Bluetooth adapter dongle in a free USB socket on the side or back of the computer. Skip this step if your laptop or notebook PC includes a built-in Bluetooth transceiver/adapter.

Press the "Windows" key with the Microsoft Windows icon on your computer keyboard, select the "Search" option in the charm bar, choose "Settings" and then enter "Bluetooth" in the search box.

Click to select "Add Bluetooth device" in the search screen to launch the PC Settings screen. Select your Bluetooth printer from the list of Bluetooth devices displayed in the right panel under "Devices." If prompted, enter the Bluetooth pairing code in the dialog window. Not all printers require a code, but if yours does you'll find it printed on a label stuck to the printer's casing.

Wait a few seconds for Windows to pair and set up the connection with the Bluetooth printer. Print a test page from any printable document on the computer to check it works.

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