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How to throw a Star Trek theme party

Updated August 10, 2017

With colourful costumes, retro-futuristic props and recognisable imagery, the classic television show Star Trek and its spin-offs make an exciting theme for a party. Diehard fans and collectors may already have their own Starfleet uniforms, but even the casual viewer can create a simple costume with ease. Add some music, snacks and exotic, futuristic beverages and you'll have a party to please both sci-fi fans and those who don't know a Trill from a Tribble.

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  1. Send out invitations with a Star Trek theme. Print out the invitations using your favourite Star Trek font; decorate with art from the series. Invite your guests to set their phasers to fun or write the invitation in the form of a captain's log. Don't forget to include the stardate.

  2. Decorate the venue. You can put as much or as little effort into this as you want. You might hang a black cloth on one wall and decorate it with silver paper stars, or hang toy starships from light fixtures. No recreation of a classic sci-fi look can have too many blinking lights, so scatter fairy lights or other blinking or colour-changing light sources around the room.

  3. Put on some music. You might choose to start with Alexander Courage's classic theme for the original series, or with soundtracks to any of the films. A little Klingon opera is the perfect backdrop for an evening with friends. For a quieter environment, YouTube hosts videos that consist of nothing but the steady hum of the engine from Star Trek: The Next Generation. These are surprisingly relaxing.

  4. Encourage guests to wear costumes. Some Trek fans may already have their own uniforms, but you don't need to spend a lot of money for a convincing look. Black trousers and shoes, together with a brightly-coloured long-sleeved top, are the standard look for men. Captains wear gold (or, in later series, red), security and engineering wear red (or gold in later years), and science officers wear light blue. Female crew members wear the same colours, either in practical jumpsuits or in stylish minidresses with boots.

  5. Provide drinks and snacks. Popular drinks in the Star Trek universe include Romulan Ale, a bright blue concoction so potent it's actually illegal in the Federation. There are a number of recipes for this exotic beverage, but one popular version consists of equal parts blue curacao, vodka, triple sec and lemonade. Non-drinkers might content themselves with tea, Earl Grey, hot.

  6. Hand out name badges to help guests introduce themselves to one another. Cut these from silver card in the familiar stylised arrowhead Starfleet logo. Affix these to your guests with double-sided tape; the badge is typically worn on the left side of the chest.

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Things You'll Need

  • Computer and printer
  • Black cloth or star backdrop
  • Foam backdrop
  • Star Trek toys
  • Fairy lights
  • Silver card
  • Double-sided tape

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