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How to convert HGH IU to Mg

Updated April 17, 2017

Human Growth Hormone is usually referred to as HGH, but its real name is somatropin. It is a chemical that is generated in the pituitary gland of the brain and is made of amino acids. HGH promotes body growth and some people’s pituitary glands are not able to produce sufficient amounts. Fortunately, it is available to buy and should be injected as a liquid. Unfortunately, suppliers produce HGH as a powder. This powder needs to be converted into a liquid. This is work best left to a pharmacist or a lab, but if you intend to do it at home the first hurdle you will have to overcome is the measuring system for HGH. It is commonly measured in “International Units” but measuring devices commonly found in the home or available in shops do not deal with IUs. You will have to measure the powder in milligrams, so you need to know how to convert HGH IUs to milligrams.

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  1. Read the vial containing the HGH or look on the box the vial came in to find the quantity of powder in IUs. Enter this number into your calculator.

  2. Press the divide button on your calculator and the calculator. This will be represented either by the divide symbol (“÷”) or a slash (“/”).

  3. Enter 2.7 into your calculator. This is necessary because 1 mg is equal to 2.7 IUs. You will see in many places on the Web that people choose to round this figure to 3 in their calculations. Dividing by 3, however, will not give you an accurate conversion.

  4. Press the equals button (“=”) on your calculator. This will produce the number of milligrams that your vial of HGH contains.

  5. Tip

    It is better to take HGH treatment at a clinic that specialises in growth defects. Use the experience of qualified, experienced professional rather than trying to mix the serum and inject yourself.

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