How to reduce wrinkles using home remedies

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Wrinkles on the face are an inevitable part of growing older, but fortunately it is fairly easy to reduce the appearance of these lines using home remedies. It is recommended to perform a regular, deep facial following these directions, in the evening before going to bed.

There is no permanent cure for wrinkles, but these home treatments can help to create a smoother appearance.

Create your own special massage oil. If you have dry or normal skin, mix three drops of pure patchouli essential oil with 1 tsp (5ml) of pure almond oil. If you have oily skin, mix three drops of lemon essential oil with 1 tsp (5ml) of grape seed or sunflower oil. Set the mixture aside for the moment.

Wash your face with lukewarm water and mild soap. Be sure to remove all traces of make up from your skin so that it can be fresh and clean. Pat your skin dry -- don’t rub hard.

Perform a neck and face massage first with dry, clean fingers. Begin at the neck and move in smooth, small, circular strokes up the neck, ending at the forehead. This massage should take five to eight minutes, so take your time. Concentrate on any spots on your face where the wrinkles are more numerous, such as around the mouth and eyes.

Perform the massage again in exactly the same way, only this time you should apply the special massage oil mix to your face. Make sure that you do a thorough job, beginning at the neck and moving upwards to the forehead. It should take at least five to eight minutes to complete the massage. If your skin drinks up the oil and still seems thirsty, make a little more.

Wash your face one more time if you tend to get acne or pimples. If your skin is generally dry, you should not need to remove the massage oil. Your skin will have absorbed most of it if you massaged for long enough. Since you are performing the massage in the evening, any oil left on your skin will have all night to penetrate into the deeper layers where wrinkles take root.

Perform this ritual every evening before going to bed, if possible. It takes several weeks for the appearance of wrinkles to fade. Though they will never completely disappear, a facial massage is a relaxing way to combat these signs of ageing.