How to watch Sky for free

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Sky, through BSkyB, provide a satellite to dish television transmission service from the Astra 1 and Astra 2 satellites. (Reference 1 and 2) The combined satellite footprint covers all of Europe, (Reference 3) enabling Sky transmissions to be received throughout the UK.

Several hundred Sky transmissions are available only through a subscription service, however Sky does transmit "free to air channels" through Sky Freesat, offering over free 200 channels after an initial one-off payment. (Reference 4)

Set up a Freeview digital set-top box or use a Freeview enabled television. Receive the following Sky subscription channels for free through Freeview: Dave, Sky Sports News, The Hits, TMF, Virgin 1 and UK History. Locate the relevant Freeview channels using the inbuilt menu system.

Purchase a FreeSat card from Sky, and insert it into the card slot on a Sky satellite receiver. According to Robert B, a Sky Knowledge Advisor with over a decade of experience with Sky, if you have previously been a paying subscriber to Sky, your Sky subscription card automatically becomes a FreeSat card when you terminate your paying subscription.

Switch on the Sky satellite receiver, and follow the on-screen menu instructions to set up FreeSat reception. Use a combination of Freesat and the Sky channels aired on Freeview to access 250 free Sky channels.