How to get hold of a discontinued DFS sofa

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Tracking down a discontinued DFS sofa is easier if you have access to the internet. Contact the manufacturer first and see if there are any items in stock within the company. If you fail to find your chosen sofa, search the internet for auctions and regularly check your local paper for private sales.

If everything else fails, place a wanted advert anywhere that is free or cheap and your desired discontinued DFS sofa may find you.

Contact DFS directly in your local shop and ask if it has any of the discontinued range at another branch or warehouse. If your chosen sofa is recently discontinued, another branch may still have one in stock or in the sale. If your local branch does not have the sofa, a member of staff may be able to access other stores' stock levels.

Email DFS through its website's "contact us" page detailing your request. Include as much information as possible, including the range and name of the discontinued sofa along with the colour variation required, if relevant.

Browse the classified adverts in your local newspaper and see if anyone is selling the discontinued DFS sofa you are looking for. Place a "wanted" advert if you do not find one for sale. Wanted adverts are often free or very cheap, so place as many as you can, in different newspapers and online, to maximise the likelihood of a positive result.

Search online auction sites such as Ebay, furniture clearance websites and secondhand online furniture shops. The most efficient way to track down your DFS sofa is to type the name and mdoel of the sofa into a search engine and see what comes up. Newspaper adverts, Ebay auctions, secondhand items from private sellers and clearance warehouses should all appear in search results.

Telephone auction houses in your area. If you live in a city or large town, you may have an auction room that carries out house clearances and auctions the contents. Some of these organisations also advertise in newspaper classifieds under "houses cleared" or something similar. Try ringing them with a description of the sofa you are searching for, in case they recently acquired one from a house clearance.