How to retrieve messages on UK landlines

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Message retrieval services on landlines are a useful tool for collecting your messages without using an answering machine. Many companies in the UK now offer voicemail as a standard facility on telephone packages.

Check that your landline provider has a message retrieval service. If you were not provided with this information when signing up with them, find this information on the company website or by calling its customer service number. Most of the major companies including BT, Sky, Virgin and Talk Talk provide this service for free and use the same method of voicemail retrieval.

Dial 1571 on your landline if you have the voicemail facility available. This will retrieve your messages and give you options including "listen to messages", "listen to a message again", "delete message", "save message" or "return call" to the number that called.

Sign up for Voicemail Plus options if your landline provide offers further facilities. Sky's Voicemail Plus allows you to access your messages from another phone by using a PIN number or to check messages on the Sky website. Talk Talk offers a similar service where you will need to dial * then enter a PIN to hear your messages on another phone.

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