Installation guide for a Veranda vinyl fence

Creatas/Creatas/Getty Images

Veranda produces a range of vinyl fencing suitable for the DIY market that comes pre-assembled for faster installation. The company offers a choice of styles including picket fence, open rail and closed panel. Veranda fencing comes in 1.83m/6 foot or 2.44m/8 foot panel widths and varies in height from 0.

9m/3 feet to 1.83m/6 feet. In addition, Veranda provides a limited lifetime warranty on the vinyl fencing range to cover any faults within the product material. Installing the fencing uses a methodical approach to achieve a successful and long lasting result.

Insert a stake to mark the centre of each post hole at 183cm/6 feet intervals for 183cm/6-foot-wide panels or at 244cm/8 feet intervals for 244cm/8-foot-wide panels, as recommended by Veranda. Tie string between the first and last stake along the fence line to ensure that your fence installation is straight. Use a post-hole spade to dig a 91cm-deep by 25cm-wide hole at each staked marker point.

Push the supplied mounting brackets on to the ends of each horizontal rail on the fence panel, according to your fencing model. Typically, the lipped base of the mounting bracket slides along the bottom of each rail to hold the panel in position. Fasten a supplied “attaching screw” into the panel through the bracket side slot that is nearest to the end of the rail, as recommended by Veranda. Repeat the procedure for each vinyl panel.

Fill a post hole with concrete, leaving enough room for displacement from the post. Push the post into the middle of the concrete to a depth that leaves 5cm between the ground and the base of a fence panel, as recommended by Veranda. Repeat the process for the next post hole in line.

Use a measuring tape to ensure that the distance between the two posts matches the width of the vinyl panel. Fasten a fence panel between the posts through the four mounting holes on each mounting bracket, using the supplied mounting screws.

Use a carpenter’s level to check the panel is horizontally straight and that the posts are vertically straight. Use lengths of wood to brace the posts and panel into position.

Repeat Steps 3, 4 and 5 until the fence installation is complete. Allow a minimum of 12 hours for the concrete to set, or according to the concrete manufacturer’s instructions. Fasten the supplied attaching screws into each panel through the side slots on the mounting brackets.