How to Hire a Skywriter

If you're looking for an unusual way to make a huge impression on your special someone, the sky's the limit. A single skywritten letter is 2,400 feet (731 m) tall--as high as two Empire State Buildings stacked on top of each other! This is sure to score major brownie points with your sweetie.

Find a skywriting service in the Yellow Pages or on the Internet. Some skywriters will fly in from out of state for a bit more money if there's no skywriting service in your area.

Figure out your budget. Messages run approximately $800 for up to 30 letters in your local area. Out-of-town rates are normally $1,000 for up to 30 letters plus expenses. Most skywriters can write up to 35 normal-size letters per flight.

Plan where you and your honey will be when viewing the message so that you're able to see it clearly and without obstruction. Choose an open spot, such as a football stadium or a beach, where you can comfortably hang out while waiting for the plane's arrival.

Compose a touching message for optimum impact, but keep it simple. If you're proposing, this task shouldn't be too difficult.