How to Move to a Different City With No Job

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Dreams of moving to a new place for a fresh start might cross a person's mind at one time or another. When your dreams motivate you to take a step out on faith and move to a new city without a job, proper preparation can be the best tool to ensure you land on your feet.

Since the task of moving in itself can already create headaches, save yourself some stress by carefully planning before you move to a new location.

Research the new area. Find out the average cost of living in the area so that you will not be sideswiped by prices you weren't expecting. You should also research facts about crime trends and locations. Looking for central locations that allow you to easily access grocery stores and laundry facilities can help save time, energy and money later.

Budget your money to last. You will already be facing the costs of the move itself, and keep in mind that you will likely have to pay for rent, food, and utilities. Plan for your money to last at least a month or two after settling into the new city. This will give you time to get adjusted and learn your new environment. Cutting back on unnecessary expenditures will help. Consider using public transportation and buying your food in bulk instead of eating out.

Make connections early. If you have any old friends or relatives that live in the area, this would be a good time to get back in touch. If this isn't an option, use your first few weeks in the new city to network and make alliances that may help. While you might not make business connections right away, networking can aid your future financial stability.

Take what you can get. Remember that having some income is better than having no income at all. Taking a position that is less than desirable will still give you a small amount of financial stability and allows your budget more breathing room so that you have time to look for more suitable work.

Keep an eye out for savings. Moving into a new situation with a high rent or mortgage may not be in your best interest right away. Consider renting at a lower price for a limited three- to six-month lease. Sharing costs with a roommate can also helps save you money. Look for sales on purchases you need in your spare time and save more by using coupons or discount cards.