How much does a hair transplant cost?

Hair transplant surgery is often sought by men who have lost a significant amount of the hair on their head. Hair transplantation is an operation that takes healthy hair from the back of a person's head and moves it to the front of the head.

The back and sides of a man's head contains hair known as donor dominant hair because it keeps growing throughout the lifetime of most men. Transplantation of the donor dominant hair does not cause it to stop growing, which makes it ideal to be transplanted to areas of hair loss. The front and top of a man's head is where hair loss is most likely to occur.


The cost of a hair transplantation depends on the amount of hair restoration a person desires. For example, some people might have a small bald spot that they'd like to cover, which may only take about a dozen hair grafts, while others may have a significant amount of hair loss, which may take hundreds of hair grafts to restore. On average, each hair graft costs about £3 to £3. This inevitably adds up based on how many hair grafts are needed per person, which can only be determined by a doctor during a consultation. A typical hair transplant can vary in price between £1,950 to £6,500 with the majority of patients needed about one to three sessions to fully restore all hair loss.

Non-surgical Options

For men not willing or able to undergo the expensive hair transplantation surgery, there are many non-surgical options. The alternatives include toupees, hair pieces, wigs and hair loss medication. Toupees and hair pieces are small pieces of natural human or artificial hair that are attached to the scalp to cover the balding areas. Wigs are made of natural human hair and cover the entire head of a person when attached to the scalp. Many men, however, choose hair loss medications as a way to counteract baldness. However, medications do not always produce the best results, and over time can be quite expensive as well.