How much does a concrete pad cost?

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Concrete slabs make excellent spots for patio furniture, outdoor cooking spaces and places on which to park recreational vehicles. The overall cost of installing a concrete pad depends on several factors.


The size of a concrete slab is a major contributor to the overall cost. According to costhelper, a 200 square-foot slab costs £650 to £1,300, while a 1,600 square-foot slab costs upward of £3,900 as of 2011.


If minor construction is required to pour a concrete pad on your property, expect to pay thousands of dollars more for the project. Construction involves using heavy machinery to dig and flatten the land, and remove trees or other large plants.

Do-it-yourself concrete pad installations typically are less than half of the cost of hiring a professional, according to costhelper, but unless you're experienced in pouring concrete, it is best to hire a professional.


Concrete pads can be stamped or coloured to add decorative patterns. These additions add hundreds of dollars to the cost of your project, depending on how much extra work is required to add these features.

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