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Miele W842 Service Information

Updated March 23, 2017

A washing machine is an investment for your home, which is why continuing service after you purchase the appliance is essential for maintaining its performance. Miele W842 model washing machines come with several options for postsale service.

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The W842 Premier Novo is a washing machine manufactured by Miele Novotronic. The machine can wash 5 kilograms of dry laundry per load.

Postsale Service

You have several options for service support after buying a W842. In the event of a problem, contact a Miele dealer. Miele also runs service departments independent of its dealers that you can contact for service. Have the model number and serial number of your machine handy for these calls.

Future Updates

Miele also provides future updates for the W842. When an upgraded washing cycle becomes available, an indicator light on the front of the machine will turn on. You can then contact a Miele technician. The technician will update the machine's programming cycles.

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