How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost?

Trimming the trees around your home and garden is a tricky and potentially dangerous task. Professionals charge a high rate for tree trimming because of the sheer amount of work the job entails.


Expect to pay a minimum of £32 per hour for tree trimming, according to Galt Technology. The Cost Helper website puts the cost of trimming a 30-foot tree in 2011 at around £48, while trimming a taller tree can cost more than £520.


If the trees are near power lines or buildings, the cost of tree trimming rises. The contractor must take special care not to damage the building or run into the power lines. It may also involve special equipment just to get the contractor high enough to trim the branches.


Certain situations cause the cost of tree trimming to rise even higher, including emergency calls and dead trees. Cutting a dead tree is costly because the professional must either use a bucket truck or climb the tree himself.

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