Problems With Audi TT Transmissions

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Introduced in 1998, The Audi TT is a two-door sports automobile manufactured by Audi Hungaria Motor Kft. The Audi TT sometimes suffers from transmission problems.

Low Gear Problems

If the Audi TT fails to shift into reverse, first or second gear, a leaking master cylinder may be to blame. Check the master cylinder for leakage around the seals or cups, replace the cups or seals as necessary and bleed the brake system.

Stuck Clutch

A failed Audi TT clutch disc can result in a stuck clutch while the engine is running, but regular gear performance while the engine is off. Inspect the clutch disc for signs of contamination, often caused by a leaking coolant hose, clean the disc and replace the hose. If the clutch disc looks worn or otherwise damaged, replace it as well.

Excessive Noise

Noise or vibrations from the Audi TT clutch may result from a failed pilot or release bearing. Disassemble the clutch assembly, inspect for worn or damaged bearings and make the necessary replacements.

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