Starting Problems in a VW Eurovan

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The Volkswagen (VW) Eurovan, also known as the Transporter T4, is a van manufactured from 1990 to 2003 by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. The VW Eurovan can develop starting problems.

Dead Battery

A dead or low charge battery in the VW Eurovan may not send the proper current to the starter solenoid. Check the battery for a charge before moving on to other starter components and replace or recharge the battery as necessary.

Bad Starter Motor

The starter motor, a direct current (DC) electric motor, activates the engine based on current sent from the ignition switch. A bad or burnt out starter motor may fail to start the engine. Check the motor coils as well as the solenoid switch mounted to the battery for signs of damage or wear.

Bad Contacts and Connections

Corrosion, dirt or loose wiring between the starter components in a VW Eurovan can prevent the engine from starting. Check the battery terminals, as well as the connections between the battery, ignition switch starter solenoid and starter motor for sediment build-up, damage or loose or detached wiring, and adjust, clean or replace them to correct the starting problem.

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