How Invasive Are the Roots of an Italian Cypress

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While the stately and quick-growing Italian Cypress may grow too tall to fit appropriately in most residential landscapes, neither the plant or the root system are known to be invasive.

Growth Habits

Italian Cypress, Cupressus sempervirens, is a native of Europe and Asia. Planted in arid and warm areas of the United States, the trees are cold hardy to -12.2 degrees Celsius but will withstand the heat of the desert southwest. In great contrast to the narrow width of the Italian Cypress, the trees grow to a mature height of 30 to 60 feet.

Landscape Uses

Suitable for large residential and commercial properties, Italian Cypress are commonly planted close to buildings, sidewalks, fences, entryways and driveways. Italian Cypress can be planted alone as an accent or in a row as a tall, natural landscape barrier.

Italian Cypress Care

While the roots of the Italian Cypress are not invasive, the tree does has two foes that will easily kill it: the spider mite and over-watering. It is recommended that trees be checked often and treated for spider mites if applicable. Keep the soil around the tree well-drained, watering established trees once or twice a month.

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