Can You Send Animated GIFs in Microsoft Office Communicator?

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The Microsoft Office communicator enables communications between Office users on a network. The client was included in Office 2005 through 2007 editions before being replaced by Microsoft Lync in Office 2010.


The Office Communicator allows for real-time communication and file transfers between different employees. The product was the successor to the Windows Messenger application.

File Transfer

It is possible to send animated .GIFs or Graphical Interchange Format Files in Office Communicator. Office Communicator supports transfers of other digital files such as photos, music and video.


Open the Office Communicator window. Right-click the name of the person you want to send the GIF to and click "More" in the context menu. Click "Send a File." Click the entry for the animated .GIF in the window that appears and click "Open" to send the file.

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