Hyundai Tucson Electrical Problems

The Hyundai Tucson, a compact crossover sport utility vehicle (SUV) available with front- or four-wheel drive, was introduced in 2005. Although the Tucson is an entry-level SUV, contends it comes with a solid warranty and numerous features.

Junction Box

Hyundai Tuscon technical service bulletins (TSBs) indicate that a faulty junction box may cause several electrical problems. The junction box is a small container that stores the Tuscon's electrical connections. TSBs report that improperly stored electrical connections may affect the functioning of the Tuscon's door ajar indicator and key reminder indicator.

Airbag Modules

In 2007, Hyundai issued a recall notice on more than 130,000 defective 2005 to 2007 Tucson air bag units. Crash testing concluded that, in certain instances, the Tucson's air bag did not deploy upon impact. Additionally, crash testing reported the deployed airbag did not always provide sufficient driver protection upon impact. Vehicles on the recall list receive a new airbag module free of charge.

Exterior Lighting

In 2009, Hyundai issued two recalls on more than 535,000 2005 to 2007 Tucson defective exterior light units. Both recalls address a malfunctioning stop lamp switch, which prohibits brake lights from illuminating when the brake pedal is pressed. Vehicles on the recall list receive a new stop lamp switch free of charge.