The average cost of a podiatrist visit

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Podiatrists are medical doctors specialising in treatment of the feet. Although there is no set pricing, a podiatrist visit often costs less than a general practitioner's visit.


According to "Podiatry Today," most podiatrist office visits cost from £260 to £390 (as of January 20111). Podiatrist may use X-rays and laboratory tests to diagnose foot ailments which could raise the cost of the doctor's visit.


Most insurance cover podiatrist visits or reimburses the patient. Doug Richie Jr., DPM, FACFAS, writes in "Podiatry Today," "The non-covered services, beyond the cost of the orthotic devices, should be a patient obligation as long as the fee estimate and notification of non-covered benefits are provided to the patient in advance."

Foot Ailments

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, podiatrists treat foot ailments such as corns, calluses and ingrown toenails. More serious foot ailments such as ankle injuries, foot injuries, infections and deformities may require surgery. Podiatrists can also prescribe medication. Unlike clinical doctors, podiatrists can perform their own surgery instead of sending patients to surgical specialists.


Foot problems may be an indication of other ailments impacting the body, such as diabetes or arthritis. In these cases, the podiatrist will refer patients to clinical practitioners.

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