Hanging baskets have different problems than other containerised plants. Due to their positioning, hanging baskets dry out quicker than other plant containers and the plants are more susceptible to wind damage and heat. Considering these factors is an important part of proper fertilisation techniques.



Master gardeners from Purdue University suggest incorporating a general slow-release fertiliser into potting soil before planting your basket. This evenly distributes the fertiliser throughout the container and avoids the need to add fertiliser later in the growing season. If you purchased a pre-potted hanging basket then add soluble liquid plant food biweekly.



Avoid adding fertilisers during summer months. In summer, when soil is dry and plants are stressed from heat fertilisers do more harm than good. Since fertilisers promote growth, this is a bad time to encourage additional energy expenditure.


Soil Mixes And Irrigation

Healthy hanging plants are grown in well-draining soils. Mixes are composed of one part sand and perlite or peat moss and perlite to two parts soil. Both garden soils and potting soils can be used. Since plants dry out when left hanging in direct sun plan on soaking your baskets once a week and add soluble plant food after watering.

  • Healthy hanging plants are grown in well-draining soils.