Camellia Leaves Turning Brown

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Camellias are flowering shrubs that produce flowers that range in bright colours. This Asia native is susceptible to diseases and pests that cause its leaves to turn brown.

Sun Scorch

Overexposure to the sun causes camellia leaves to turn brown. Remove the leaves once they turn brown. Prevent sun scorch by planting camellia in areas with plenty of shade and providing proper care.

Camellia Canker and Dieback

Camellia canker and dieback is a serious fungal disease that causes cankers, or the decay of parts of twigs and stems. The fungus lives within the cankers throughout the dormant season. Fungicides are the best prevention. Fungicides no longer work once a tree is infected.

Spider Mites

Even though spider mites are small, they cause much damage. They feed on the underside of leaves, which causes the top surface to turn reddish-brown and die. Blast mites off with a strong jet of water or apply a fungicide with acaracide.

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