The Use of Recording Equipment in the Workplace

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In some business sectors, security video cameras are the most well known recording devices. Audio recordings can also be used to monitor calls for quality control. Although these devices protect company interests and employees, recording devices can be used negatively as well.

National laws and corporate policies regulate the use of recording equipment in the workplace.


To follow federal regulatory guidelines, any device that can be used for unauthorised surveillance is restricted from the workplace. Unauthorised recording violates your co-workers rights to privacy in the workplace. Audio recording without someone's consent is illegal.


Trade secrets and product discoveries keep a company competitive. Administrators want to keep the new project and new product developments under wraps until they are ready to be revealed to the public. Recording equipment threatens the security of ideals inside a company. There is the potential to breach confidentiality when there are cameras and other recording devices being misused in the company.

Acknowledgement Form

Require all employees to sign acknowledgement forms that state they understand privacy laws and commit to abide by them. If you are using recording equipment for security, require you employees to sign a form that says they have been informed of the security precautions.