Paint spray booth regulations

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) maintains a body of regulations related to paint spray booths. Two sources of regulation are the regulations and standards found in the Code of Federal Registers (CFR) and OSHA opinions interpreting and clarifying the law.

Regulations and Standards

Chapter 29 of the CFR, part 1910.107, contains regulations and standards for spray finishing using flammable or combustible paint. Some regulations establish a minimum air velocity for the spray; others regulate disposal of paint-saturated filter pads and transfers of flammable liquids. The code also regulates the ventilation configuration of different types of paint spray booths and specifies standards for cleaning and lighting booths.

Standards Interpretations

OSHA also maintains a library of written opinions, called Standard Interpretations, that interpret and clarify the regulations and standards. OSHA has issued opinions on topics like specifications for shower and eyewash stations and the airflow rate required for a particular spray paint booth.

Other Regulations

In addition to the OSHA regulations, each state may maintain its own health and safety regulations for spray paint booths. Check the health and safety laws for the state in which your spray paint booth is located to find out which local requirements apply to your operation.

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