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My peace lily flowers are turning brown

Updated February 21, 2017

Also known as white flag, the peace lily (Spathiphyllum spp.) is an exceptionally popular plant often grown indoors. One of the most common peace lily problems is wilt and browning leaves.

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Browning may be caused by a wide variety of cultural factors. Peace lilies prefer indirect, filtered sunlight to full sunlight, which may dry out leaves. Excessive fertilising and waterlogged soils may also cause the plant to brown.


Remove dry, brown leaves from the plant and wipe down remaining leaves to remove dust. Mist foliage with warm water, and water deeply if the soil is dry to the touch. Move the plant if necessary to a less sunny location.


Help prevent peace lily problems by maintaining a stable environment once the plant is established. A temperature between 15.5 to 29.4 degrees C (60 to 85 degrees F) is ideal for this plant. Fertilise every two to three months with a balanced house plant fertiliser, watering the soil first to prevent the roots from burning.

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